How Fast is AdvancedHMI? Communication Speed

The AdvancedHMI drivers have been repeatedly refined to tap every microsecond of speed possible. This has taken AdvancedHMI to the top when looking at communication speed and efficiency. To demonstrate this, a quick test was conducted to measure the speed and compare it to another well known hardware based HMI (because I wanted to “See More”).

The test was very simple. Add a single numeric display and tell the driver to update as fast as possible. In AdvancedHMI this is done by setting the PollRateOverride to 0. Then a Wireshark capture was done and analyzed to get a measure of how many milliseconds it took between each update of the value. And here are the results:

  • Competitor’s hardware based HMI (Priced at $1290) – Update times 21-23ms
  • AdvancedHMI – Update times 5-6ms

Depending on how you calculate it, this competitor’s model took 4 times as long between updates or AdvancedHMI was 200% faster.

Not only are the panels we offer and software lower in cost, but they outperform the competition easily in the area of communication speed capabilities.

Watch for more blog posts showing how AdvancedHMI exceeds the competitor’s in many ways