Top 10 Reasons AdvancedHMI is a Better Choice

10. Economics – Without run time or development costs, additional deployments do not keep adding cost

9. Openness – Top level open source lets you modify components or look at examples on how to create your own.

8. Extensibility – Do not get caught in a “I can’t do that” situation. The AdvancedHMI platform let’s you extend to any task necessary

7. Support – Built on .NET technology which has the largest support network far beyond any other HMI/SCADA software on the market

6. Universal Platform – Once you learn .NET and Visual Studio, you are not limited to HMI/SCADA development. The platform will let you create any kind of application such as database systems.

5. Non-Proprietary – Based on Windows, AdvancedHMI will not get you locked into a single vendor’s proprietary hardware. It only takes one time of not being able to get the exact replacement and seeing days of expensive down time to understand why non-proprietary makes sense.

4. More Future Proof – Microsoft has shown a long term commitment to the .NET platform with a strong 15+ years of development and still strong development investmemt for years to come. It only takes one time of a 5+ years old PanelView or Red Lion HMI going bad and discovering it is no longer available and can cost days of down time to upgrade.

3. Fast to Get Started – Just look at the quick start and you will see it is possibly the fastest HMI package to get started with.

2. Fastest Performance – Check the benchmarks and you will see that AdvancedHMI is far faster than any others with refresh rates as fast as 5ms.

1 – No License Nuisances – Don’t get caught with your pants down when your HMI suddenly decides the license is not valid and will not work. AdvancedHMI does not require license or activations.


BONUS – Since AdvancedHMI is merely a Windows application, if your control engineer is out, your IT (or any computer saavy person) can easily help with it. Try that with a PanelView, Red Lion, Wonderware, etc and the only thing you will get is more down time as everyone points to the control engineer.