Author Topic: MicroLogix 1100 Controller - Modbus RTU Slave/Master Feature on Channel0  (Read 139 times)


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This is intended for those who might find it either interesting or useful or both.

Not necessarily that all MicroLogix 1100 controllers will have all these features available.

This test setup had MicroLogix 1763-L16BBB rev. B controller together with USB-1761-CBL-PM02 programming cable (USB to round mini DIN 8-pin) as well as ethernet cable, all connected to the same PC which also had ModRSsim2 simulator to provide Slave stations for Modbus RTU Master feature.

This particular controller allows for parallel communication on both channels, Channel1 (ethernet) and Channel0 (serial).
The good side of Channel0 is that it offers either DF1 or Modbus RTU Slave/Master protocol setting, as the attached picture shows.

If Modbus RTU Slave is selected first then it will create data files to be used within ladder program (Coils and Contacts should be of Binary type while Input and Holding registers should be of Integer type). When Modbus RTU Master is selected then you should have the ModRSsim2 simulator connect directly to the COM port of the USB-1761-CBL-PM02 programming cable (or whatever cable you might be using).

RSLogix Micro will have to be used in order to make any changes.

The files can be downloaded from this post, since this sample app was used for testing:

Do read whatever comments were included in the sample ladder program or the test app screen.
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Re: MicroLogix 1100 Controller - Modbus RTU Slave/Master Feature on Channel0
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The benefits of this information make me learn a lot of things. It is really helpful.